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CRM Solutions

Before SugarCRM, Customer Relationship Management systems were the province of large businesses that had million dollar technology budgets. The SugarCRM project was started with the belief that open source technologies had reached a point of maturation where a fast, flexible and feature-rich product could be delivered to companies who did not have money to burn. In less than two years, SugarCRM has proven that a best-in-class CRM system can be built and delivered to customers in a more economical fashion. The SugarCRM application furthers the high standards set by the open source community around the world. Unlike most proprietary CRM offerings, all SugarCRM applications are natively built on the pure Open Source LAMPS (also WAMPS) platform: Linux or Windows, Apache or IIS, MySQL, PHP, and SugarCRM. Our community of users actively test and contribute to the features, performance and stability of the SugarCRM application.


There are three editions of SugarCRM, each with it's own feature set and applications.



Sugar CommunityEdition (previously known as Open Source edition)

SugarCRM CE is the entry-level version of the software. I2Vcan provide support, customisation, training and hosting of this edition

Sugar Professional Edition

Sugar Professional Edition is the most commmon edition for installations of between 5 and 50 users. It includes all the benefits of Sugar CE, but includes features often important to the SME including Reporting, Outlook Integration, Team-security and Workflow.

Sugar Enterprise Edition

Sugar Enterprise edition is more suitable for the larger enterprises that require higher scalability. Enterprise edition includes more advanced reporting, an off-line client and a support portal module.


Training and Consulting

I2V's experienced consultants have been involved in numerous implementations of SugarCRM and can provide both training and consulting services to help you get the most from your CRM investment.

Training is typically tailored to each organisation's specific requirements.

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